– How has your thinking about inclusion and PLN evolved?

How does social media engage in communications?

Social media is a way for people to share text, pictures, video and audio information. Social media operators want to publish public information on the Internet at cost in order to gain attention and achieve effective communication and transformation. Different social media can achieve different effects and purposes.

How does social media challenge communications?

With the expansion of security, privacy, false information, polarization of opinion and other issues

Does your PLN amplify the views of others?

This kind of fast and easy access to the national network situation makes the information output through the network platform and other media, ensuring the effectiveness of information update. And everyone can participate in the debate. This also shows the threshold of the network slightly lower. Sometimes I may be mislead by some false news.

What are the benefits of a diverse and inclusive PLN in social media sharing that understands where you are coming from with messaging that impacts the community?

Humanity as a whole has progressed because our knowledge has become more extensive. The unknown is constantly being excavated and explored. We have a deeper understanding of the world, and everything will be better. The Internet is not an outlaw place, but a network of tools to help people explore, study and acquire knowledge.