month June 2022

Blog Post #6

Can your PLN be used to help professional development post-course? Social media has many ways to help you learn professional skills, expand your knowledge, and build relationships. To learn more about your profession, follow smart industry leaders on linkedin or… Continue Reading →

Final Group Project

Outline: Final Project for EDCI 338 – Social Media & Personalized Learning EDCI  INSTRUCTOR: Jesse Miller Group Participants: Sree(Sree Vyshnavi Tejovath), Isabella(Yuehan Zhu), Ian(Jianuo Xu) and Mahi(Mahi Moghaddasi) Project discussion:  Introduction Key characteristics of any discussed social media platforms. What… Continue Reading →

Blog Post #5

Community communications go beyond blogs and social media shares, how does a PLN help and hinder the development of thoughts and ideas in education discourse? Social media can promote the teaching of relevant majors and help students to deeply understand… Continue Reading →

Blog Post #4

Explore the videos provided and reflect on the themes and questions above reflecting on how you would curate your social media with a critical public audience. Identify the risks and benefits of engaging with a public audience in a media space… Continue Reading →

Blog Post #3

– How has your thinking about inclusion and PLN evolved? How does social media engage in communications? Social media is a way for people to share text, pictures, video and audio information. Social media operators want to publish public information… Continue Reading →

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