What digital platforms are students currently using to develop their professional network?

Students are using Google, Zoom, Microsoft Office and so on, to develop their professional network. These digital platforms may improve their academic development.

What could the student consider in expanding their professional learning network?

Students can use authoritative digital platforms to learn deeply and find the academic materials they need. And cite these materials in their papers.

Thread Discussion: How does data privacy and security limit and/or promote a PLN?

The well-known professional learning networks pay great attention to users’ data privacy and security, data privacy and security not only limit professional learning networks, but also promote them.

In your network, how can you create a digital identity/ reputation?

In my social network, I usually use private accounts. Strangers need to submit an application to add me as a friend. This can effectively prevent some bad people from trying to steal my private information.

Here is my V + R map: